The Google diet (infographic)

19 Apr 2012

The most talked-about positive aspect of working for internet search giant Google is the free food, a recent survey of Google employees by Glassdoor revealed. Now, a new infographic examines how Google optimises its employees’ health through the food and drink it offers them.

The infographic published by Medicare Supplemental Insurance on states that everything at Google begins with ‘people analytics’.

Google looks at how its employees eat in its free cafeterias and optimises it so workers are healthier, make better food decisions, and, as a result, are more productive through that process.

“Google has a special HR department that analyses consumer behaviour, and ‘nudges’ employees into better decisions,” the infographic reads.

For example, the infographic states that people tend to fill their plates with whatever they see first, so the first thing Google employees see in their cafeterias is the salad bar.

Google’s work on optimising its employees’ health by having them make better food choices certainly appears to be an issue the company takes seriously: Google spends US$72m annually on free employee food, according to the infographic.

Google diet