The grapes of app: Wine demystified on the iPhone

21 Nov 2010

A new app for the iPhone, designed to demystify the often complex ins and outs of wine tasting, has been developed.

Pocket Wine, the Irish-developed app, has been created to help users navigate the wine universe with ease and offers them unique wine definitions.

It also includes the first-ever taste profiling feature that gives users the chance to discover which wine style best suits their palates.

“I am passionate about wine and believe that everyone should have the opportunity to go on their own personal wine adventure,” said Mike Finegan, CEO of Wine Paradigm.

“Pocket Wine has been designed to help people begin that adventure which can last a lifetime.”

All grape varieties

Developed by former director of the Wine Board, Finegan, the app is easy to follow and gives users access to all major grape varieties and regions and blends a simple task with each wine style that is easy to explore.

The developers of the app hope that this will encourage users to consider more when tasting a wine and prompts consideration of new styles and grape varieties.

Other features include food matching and a do’s and don’ts’. All grape varieties and blends also have their own individual food pairing advice, with examples given for each.

Pocket Wine can be purchased for €2.99 from the App Store.