The Holus tabletop hologram generator is now a reality

11 Jun 2015

Canadian start-up H+ Tech is making quite a stir on Kickstarter, having successfully funded its first product called Holus, an interactive tabletop holographic display, after tripling its target in just one day.

The company had set a target of CA$50,000 on its Kickstarter page on 10 June and by 11 June had raised more than triple the required amount to back Holus, with funds raised at the time of writing CA$178,131, with 28 days to go.

Now that it has received the necessary backing, the company plans to release two versions of Holus, including the Home Edition, which will allow a person to connect up to two smartphones to send content to the holographic device.

Holus gif

The hologram can be viewed on all four sides of the Holus and it is being marketed as a device in which you can play interactive games and perform holographic conferencing, which the company says will create a ‘social campfire experience’.

Meanwhile, Holus Pro is geared more towards developers and businesses with a HDMI port and SDK tool that could allow a 3D-print design be viewed before printing, for example.

The Holus is even designed to be compatible with the Emotiv headband, a device which would allow the person to control the movement of the hologram entirely with the power of their mind.

The company are even throwing in Omi, the world’s first holographic personal assistant, similar in style to Siri or Google Now.

Frankly, all of this almost sounds too good to be true, but as of now, all 50 of Holus’ early-bird specials of CA$550 for one of the Home Editions are sold out, with the first deliveries expected to arrive to backers in July 2016.

However, when it’s eventually launched as a regular commercial product, prices will start from CA$850.

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic