The internet in 2020 – predictions (infographic)

29 Mar 2012

Internet users can look forward to a greener and more wireless internet that will attract more hackers in 2020, according to an infographic published by

A survey of a panel of experts by the Pew Internet & American Life Project, sought to reveal where internet leaders, activists, and analysts feel technology is heading over the next decade.

Among the survey findings are the mobile phone will become the primary means of internet access worldwide by 2020, due to an increasing number of mobile broadband subscribers. This is turn will make for a wireless internet by 2020, according to the infographic on

At the moment, internet operations consume a lot of energy and experts predict those will become more energy efficient by 2020.

Another prediction is more internet services will be in the cloud by 2020, and more critical infrastructure, such as electric grids, will be online. A consequence of this is the internet will be attracting more hackers.

Other predictions include:

  • The internet will be a network of things, not computers
  • The internet will carry exabytes – if not zettabytes – of information
  • The internet won’t rely on always-on connectivity
  • Network management will be more automated by 2020

The internet in 2020