The new, crowded Web 2.0 playground – stylish, digital and mobile

4 Dec 2008

The average mobile social networker is surfing 160 mobile internet pages a day, and heavy users log in up to 10 times a day with an online time of up to 2.5 hours to write and check their mails and personal messages, as well as find out where their friends are.

These are the findings of a survey of mobile community site, which surveyed over 15,000 active users in Europe and the US.

“The mobile phone usage is ‘growing up’ and changes communication with friends and family as well as the traditional internet usage dramatically,” explained Antonio Vince Staybl, CEO of

“Conventional entertainment and communication will become more personal and bigger than ever and come together on one digital media device.”

Some 99pc of all respondents have personal content on their mobile phones. This fast-growing worldwide phenomenon is valid for high-class phone owners, such as those with Nokia N95 and iPhones, as well as for people with low-priced starter models.

What all of them would like to have: reasonably priced flat rates, higher speed of network and faster phones with longer battery lives. Then more than 90pc would increase their usage of mobile internet, according to the survey.

Even the current economic situation does not stop most of them using the mobile internet, despite the still high prices: only a third of all respondents tend to reduce their mobile internet time to save money.

“Almost 12pc of the community members are still in bed when they check their personal messages for the first time,” said Sabine Irrgang, chief operating officer of

“A mobile social-networking portal is the place where you can reach and will meet people in future. The new, crowded Web 2.0 playground – stylish, digital and mobile.”

By John Kennedy

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years