The week in gadgets

8 Aug 2011

A look at gadget happenings, as the fifth iOS 5 beta reveals speech-to-text and a Hearing Aid mode and Blue Sky is planning on releasing an Android watch.

Fifth iOS 5 beta released to developers

Apple released its fifth beta of iOS 5 to developers over the weekend, along with Xcode 4.2 Developer Preview 5, iTunes 10.5 Beta 5 and Apple TV Software beta 4.

BGR reports there were many bug fixes with the beta, along with a Hearing Aid feature, to improve the device’s compatibility with hearing aids.

9to5 Mac says there will be iOS 5 speech-to-text functionality. Users can press the microphone icon next to the space key to start talking.

This feature may only be available on iPhone and iPod touch devices, though it could eventually arrive on the iPad.

Watch brings Android to your wrist

Blue Sky will release a wristwatch which runs Android 1.6, letting users access apps on the watch.

PC Mag reports that the “i’m watch” has a 1.54-inch screen which lets users access emails, photos and apps. It also has a headphone jack and volume controls for music.

It can pair up to an existing Android device via Bluetooth to screen calls and read text-message notifications.

The standard watch, available in a various colours, costs €249. Users can also buy jewelled Android watches for up to €14,999.

It will be available from November and is expected to only be available online.