The week in gadgets

16 May 2011

A look at gadget, game and geek happenings in the week ahead.

Increased trade-ins of PS3s for cash or Xbox 360s in UK due to PSN outage

A report suggests that there has been a huge increase in trade-ins of PlayStation 3 consoles for money or Xbox 360s in the midst of the long outage of the PlayStation Network after hackers attacked the service.

According to Edge, one retail source said that while the first week of downtime didn’t impact sales, by the second week, there was a 200pc increase in PS3 exchanges. Half traded it in for rival console Xbox 360 and the other half traded it in for money.

Another retail source said that the majority of those trading in their consoles were “the hardcore online shooter crowd” who are unable to play online thanks to the lengthy PSN outage

Sales for PSN points cards slumped and most people buying and pre-ordering multiplatform titles recently opted against the PS3 version.

IGN Dominate app lets users check-in to games

Gaming website IGN has released an app letting users check-in the games they’re currently playing.

Users can check into games ranging from home consoles to handheld devices to smartphones. They can also find out what their friends are playing too.

Similar to becoming a “mayor” of an area in Foursquare by checking into a location the most, if a user checks into a game enough, they can become a “Dominator” of a game.

The app is currently available for iOS devices.