The week in gadgets

3 May 2011

A look at gadget, game and geek happenings in the week ahead.

Apple location tracker iOS update coming in two weeks

Apple may release an update to fix the location tracking features discovered on iPhones within the next two weeks.

Previously, there was controversy over the discovery that 3G-enabled iPhones and iPads running iOS 4 were keeping track of their owners’ locations. The next version of iOS should make amendments to address these issues.

According to BGR, iOS 4.3.3 will be released in the next fortnight, preventing the backup of the database, reducing its size and deleting it when Location Services are deactivated.

The update will also bring battery life improvements and iPod bug fixes.

Google Chrome Canary arrives on Macs

Google Chrome Canary, a pre-Dev build of the Google Chrome browser, has arrived on OSX computers.

Canary is designed for users to test the web browser early. Canary automatically updates more frequently than the Dev channel and does not undergo manual testing before release.

Users can run it concurrently with a Dev, Beta or Stable version of Chrome.

Canary data will remain separate to other Chrome browsers but if the user sets up Sync in each version, they can use the same set of bookmarks and extensions within it.

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