The week in gadgets

6 Dec 2010

A look at gadget, game and geek happenings in the week ahead.

PlayStation Phone caught on video

Even more information on the rumoured PlayStation Phone has been revealed, with the leak of a new video.

The video, revealed by Engadget, shows the phone in action. The device, which is code named Zeus Z1, appears to run on Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) or at least, will run on Gingerbread.

The phone slides up to reveal a controller similar to the Dualshock controller. It has a similar D Pad, four buttons to the right that look like the standard triangle, square, X and circle combination and a multitouch trackpad.

The main phone’s functionalities are operated by a touchscreen display, running on 1GHz processor.

The video also shows off a PlayStation app, which appears to house a library of games, though none were shown in this leak.

Google Chrome OS netbook to be revealed tomorrow?

Dreading Budget day tomorrow? Give yourself something else to look forward to – rumour has it, Google will be revealing its Google Chrome OS netbook.

Google is holding an event in San Francisco, saying there will be “exciting news about Chrome.”

Speculation is rife that not only will the Google-branded Chrome netbook be revealed, but also the Chrome Web Store, where web apps will be sold.

It’s also in line with how the latest version of Chrome web browser supports apps from the Chrome Web Store.

Disney’s Facebook hits 100 million Likes

Over the weekend, Disney reached the dizzy heights of 100 million Facebook Likes, just in time for Walt Disney’s 109th birthday.

The Likes spanned across across 200 of its official brand and character pages. These pages have been gathering 5 million fans per week.

Disney started engaging with Facebook in July 2009 and began posting regularly in August, so hitting such a high target in just over a year is pretty impressive, even for such a large company.

To celebrate, Disney posted a YouTube video on its progress over this time.