The week in gadgets

1 Nov 2010

A look at gadget, game and geek happenings in the week ahead.

More on the PlayStation phone

Engadget has received more details on the rumoured PlayStation phone, along with images of the device.

The phone, codenamed ‘Zeus’, appears to run Android 2.2, though Engadget has said there could be phones running multiple Android versions, with one running 3.0.

It seems to have an 8GB microSD card and 512MB of internal storage.

Engadget has also said the handset appears to be 17mm thick.

Turkey removes YouTube ban

Turkey has removed a ban on YouTube, two years after it blocked the website after videos were posted which it found insulting to its country’s founder, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

In Turkey, it is illegal to insult Ataturk or ‘Turkishness’ in general. Turkish courts ordered the ban in March 2007 and it came into full effect in May 2008.

However, Transport Minister Binali Yildrim has said there was no longer a reason to ban YouTube, due to the removal of the videos in question.

YouTube said in a statement the videos were removed by “a third party” using the automated copyright complaint process, as opposed to the content being removed by the site itself.

WordPress app available on Nokia’s Ovi Store

An official app for blogging software WordPress is now available on Nokia’s Ovi Store.

The app, which has already been available for Android, iPhone and BlackBerry devices, lets phone owners update their WordPress blogs from their phones.

It works for blogs hosted on WordPress servers and blogs that are hosted elsewhere which uses the WordPress CMS and platform.

The app is reportedly not yet compatible for Symbian3 devices.

The source code for the app is also available for coders to modify.