The week in gadgets

27 Sep 2010

A look at gadget, game and geek happenings in the week ahead.

Apple’s Ping gets an update

Apple has released an update of its music social networking service within iTunes.

In version 10.0.1, users can utilise Ping within their current iTunes library, instead of searching for music within the iTunes Store.

Users will find a ‘Ping’ button beside every song they have within their library. This allows them to ‘like’ a song or post it to their profile.

Co-creator of T9 dies

T9 predictive text’s co-inventor, Martin King, died last week aged 60.

King, along with Cliff Kushler, founded Tegic Communications, who developed the phone software which, based on the keys pressed on a mobile phone, predicted what word they were going o type.

This allowed users to use just a single key press for each button as oppose to the multitouch method that came before.

It made phone texting much more efficient and was adapted for the vast majority of phones on the market.

King died after a long battle with cancer, which was attributed to his exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam.

itsmy launches Space Dwellers

itsmy, the mobile social game networking focused on casual gaming, has launched a free mobile multiplayer game called Space Dwellers.

Space Dwellers is an online sci-fi strategy game, where players can build a fleet of spaceships, research new technologies, attack other players and explore its universe.

Developed by KrassGames, users of itsmy can now access Space Dwellers from their gaming playground on itsmy and from social networks.