The week in gadgets

21 Nov 2011

A look at gadget happenings, as cult comedy Arrested Development will return on Netflix, Windows Phone gets 40,000 apps and Android 4.0 currently has no Flash support.

US Netflix users to get new episodes of Arrested Development in 2013

Online media streaming site Netflix has confirmed it will get exclusive new episodes of cult comedy Arrested Development, reviving the cancelled show.

20th Century Fox and Imagine Television will produce original episodes of the show for Netflix, which marks the first time the service will get exclusive programming.

Arrested Development was a comedy series about the wealthy, eccentric Bluth family, which first aired in 2003. It was cancelled in 2006, but gained a loyal following and critical acclaim.

Jason Bateman, one of the stars of Arrested Development, previously confirmed new episodes of the show will be made, which will be followed by a movie.

Netflix’s statement implies that this series will be available for its US users, suggesting that no airing date for UK and Irish viewers has been confirmed.

Windows Phone surpasses 40,000 apps

There are now 40,000 apps on the Windows Phone Marketplace, according to new statistics.

All About Windows Phone reports that about 165 new apps are being added per day. Some 10,882 apps were added within the last 90 days and it expects to see 50,000 apps be the middle of January 2012 if this rate keeps up.

Within the last 30 days, 85pc of submissions were apps and 15pc were games.

Some 68pc of Windows Phone apps were free, 23pc were paid and 9pc were paid but offered a free trial.

No Flash support for Ice Cream Sandwich yet

Google has reportedly said Ice Cream Sandwich does not yet have support for Flash, but Adobe will provide support for it soon.

SlashGear reports that Google has said Adobe will provide support for Ice Cream Sandwich, but has not given a set date for it yet.

Adobe recently said it would stop development for the Flash Player on mobile devices, but will still release Flash Player 11.1 for Android and BlackBerry devices.

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