The week in gadgets

14 Nov 2011

The Nintendo 3DS

A look at gadget happenings, as Nintendo may sell more 3DS consoles than DS consoles in its first year, Netflix signs a content deal with Lionsgate UK, and LG plans a Google TV.

Nintendo 3DS could outsell DS in first year

The Nintendo 3DS may sell more units in the US than its predecessor, the Nintendo DS, in its first year.

Joystiq reports the 3DS has sold more than 1.65m units so far. This compares with the DS, which sold 2.37m in its first year, though Nintendo pointed out that 50pc of its sales happened in the Christmas season.

However, sales of the Nintendo DS were not too strong in its first year. Its popularity grew massively once Nintendo released the Nintendo DS Lite.

Nintendo is hoping the Christmas season will boost the fortunes of its 3D portable console, which hasn’t taken off as well as hoped so far.

Netflix signs deal with Lionsgate UK for UK and Ireland

Netflix has signed a multi-year licensing agreement with Lionsgate UK, which will bring UK and Irish users content from the film studio.

The deal will bring future movies such as The Hunger Games, The Expendables 2 and the upcoming Dirty Dancing remake to the online movie service one year after their theatrical releases.

It will also give users access to Lionsgate UK’s library of movies, such as Reservoir Dogs, 3:10 to Yuma, The Blair Witch Project and Good Night and Good Luck.

Netflix has already announced a similar deal with MGM Studios.

Netflix will arrive in the UK and Ireland in early 2012, letting users stream entertainment from their televisions, tablets, games consoles, PCs and smartphones for an as yet unannounced monthly price.

LG Electronics to unveil Google TV at CES 2012?

A report suggests LG Electronics may reveal a Google TV set at January’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Bloomberg reports it will be the first Google TV from LG, which could be shown to the public early next year.

Google TV recently redesigned its service, simplifying its interface. It also opened the platform to Android app developers.

Google TV initially appeared on devices from Sony and Logitech. However, it has had a slow start, as Google did not secure content deals from four of the US’ major TV networks.

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