The week in gadgets

8 Mar 2010

Get ready for high-tech weapons of war: both simulated and on the big screen, as R.U.S.E and Iron Man 2 make their entrances.

Finally, we get a release date for the long-awaited Apple iPad. The super-slim touchscreen tablet device will go on sale from 3 April in the US with a late April release for the UK and several other European countries.

Apple says of the iPad’s release in Ireland: “As far as iPad availability is concerned, Ireland in the second wave of availability after the US.  At this point we haven’t confirmed availability for Ireland.”

R.U.S.E. release

Ubisofts’s real-time strategy game set in World War II goes on beta release tomorrow, 9 March. R.U.S.E. will launch officially on 3 June but those with a Steam account and Windows XP or higher will be able to sign up for public beta beginning tomorrow.

Get ready for jaw-droppingly high-tech gadgetry that doesn’t really exist: the just-released trailer for Iron Man 2 gives us a taste of a summer blockbuster that will have even more scary and impressive gadgets than before as Robert Downey Jr puts on his metal superhero costume for the second time.

Watch out for Mickey Rourke’s electro whips, turbo guns and other advanced machinery as he takes on the eponymous hero. A gadget geek’s dream movie.

By Marie Boran

Photo: Iron Man 2 introduces more high-tech gadgetry