The week in gadgets

1 Mar 2010

Between Google’s Nexus One smartphone, retro gaming, hyper-reality TV shows using Twitter and Facebook and the ultimate physics gadget – the LHC – high tech is having a busy news week.

One of the biggest, most high tech gadgets in the world – the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) – is working its magic again as CERN scientists tweeted yesterday that the first beam of 2010 circulated in each direction by 4:10AM in the morning.

Inside the LHC subatomic particles are hurled at each other at great speeds in the hope that this will prove the existence of the Higgs boson.

If this hypothesized particle -also known as the God particle- is proven to exist this will fit in neatly with the Standard Model that explains how and why the universe is the way it is (except for dark matter that is!).

Old school pixelated gaming is back in fashion as games developer Atlus prepares to launch 3D Dot Heroes for the PlayStation 3 next month.

“While players are drowning in a sea of nostalgia thanks to the game’s euphoric old-school gameplay and retro sexy art, they’ll be treated to an endless stream of parodies and witty references to past gaming classics,” said Crystal Murray, PR specialist at Atlus.

A new reality TV show with a difference is launching soon: not only will the weekly episodes be aired online through but there will be 24/7 streaming video from the website and viewers will be able to interact in real time through social media tools including Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and MySpace.

This new show – If I Can Dream – is the brainchild of Pop Idol inventor Simon Fuller and aims to be bigger than his already massively popular global franchise.

No exact dates yet for Ireland but the much-hyped and much-anticipated Nexus One smartphone from Google will be available in the UK from April, as will the Desire which is also made by HTC.

The Nexus One will be on the Vodafone UK network but will only go on sale online through the Google website.