The week in gadgets – Bigger screen for iPhone 5, Samsung teases new smartphones (video)

20 Aug 2012

A look at gadget happenings, as Samsung releases a teaser trailer suggesting a new smartphone to be announced at IFA in Berlin on 29 August, Google-owned Motorola sues Apple over its iPhone, Google works closely with other manufacturers on Android namely Sony with the Xperia S, and new images emerge of the iPhone 5 assembly suggesting a bigger screen.

Samsung teases ‘small and light’ things to emerge at IFA

A teaser video has emerged from Samsung hinting at features in its forthcoming Galaxy Note II which will be unveiled at IFA in Berlin on 29 August.

With the line from director Wim Wenders “all the things you can do in the blink of an eye … for such a small and light thing” no doubt suggesting the Note II will be sleeker and will have powerful processing power – also perhaps it may be 4G network compatible?

Motorola sues Apple over iPhone patents

The smartphone patent wars would be the ultimate tragic-comedy of our times if there wasn’t so much at stake for innovators being blocked by their cash-rich corporate counterparts.

The latest episode in the patent wars Google-owned Motorola Mobility has launched a patent infringement against Apple seeking to have its desktop and mobile devices banned from sale in the US.

Motorola is claiming the iPhone maker infringes seven of its patents, including location reminders, email notifications and Siri.

Google expands Android Open Source Project support

Google meanwhile is intent on bolstering the success of Android by opening up its Android Open Source Project (AOSP) – previously confined to the Motorola Zoom or its Nexus devices – and Sony looks like it will be the first manufacturer to benefit.

According to reports the Xperia S launched recently by Sony was selected by Google for the programme because it boasts an unlockable bootloader and sublime hardware.

But the project has been described as experimental at this stage so it remains to be seen if other manufacturers are brought into the fold.

xperia s


First images of next-gen iPhone display and assembly surface emerge

Repair website at the weekend published photos of what appears to be a next generation iPhone 5 boasting a larger display.

According to AppleInsider Apple is likely to increase the size of the sixth generation iPhone’s screen size to four inches up from 3.5-inches on the first model in 2007.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years