The week in gadgets: RC Millenium Falcon, Destiny rifle and a severed thumb drive

9 Feb 2015

This week’s gadget happenings delve into science fiction with a remote-controlled (RC) Millennium Falcon drone, a replica rifle from the game ‘Destiny’ and a severed thumb flash drive.

RC Millennium Falcon

In one of those ‘how did we not do this before?’ moments, a bunch of RC fanatics who like to create their own drones, decided to go ahead and make a drone in the same design as the Millennium Falcon as seen in the legendary Star Wars series of films.

While it remains to be seen how it would perform in the Kessel Run, this drone of more humbler origins at least looks the part as it flies through the air with a top speed of 32km/h (20mph) and its beaming array of LED lights that make it looks the business at night.

Its French designer who goes under the username Olivier C is seemingly building his own fleet of Star Wars craft as he confirmed his next build will see him build a TIE fighter drone.

Destiny Ice Breaker Lego rifle

As one of the most played games of last year’s, Bungie’s Destiny quickly developed a fan-base thanks to the developer’s long history of creating the similar Halo series and as a result, anything popular must at some stage be made out of Lego.

In this instance, YouTuber ZaziZombies pulled out his bucket of Lego to make an undeniably awesome re-creation of the game’s Ice Breaker rifle, right down to the last block.

The rifle, which is very rare in the game itself, was created in real life with the help of 2,100 Lego bricks and measures in at an impressive 42in (107cm).

Don’t expect it to be blasting aliens any time soon, though.

Eero Wi-Fi home router

One particular start-up is getting a lot of attention online for its claims that its new Wi-Fi router, the Eero, will see the end of Wi-Fi dips in people’s homes and facilitate the eventual need for high-speed, high-quality streams.

The Eero works as a network of devices ranging from two or more, depending on how large a person’s home is, that creates a network that creates a one-fits-all router that the company claim will be super-powerful and not need a re-boot ever; a bold claim for many out there who have found themselves on their hands and knees trying to fix common Wi-Fi problems.

Another neat feature is that it is designed to be as user-friendly as possible, most-noticeably that allows a one-button press method to connect new guests to Wi-Fi rather than hunting out the code.

While not released for another few months, the US prices have been revealed showing the rather pretty devices also cost a pretty penny with each device costing US$125.

Canon’s 50MP EOS 5DS DSLR

No this journalist didn’t just fall on the keyboard, it’s rather saying that Canon have just announced their most powerful DSLR camera to-date, its EOS 5DS which can capture 50 megapixels (MP), its highest resolution… until the next camera.

It certainly boasts some impressive capabilities as even when the 50MP image is cropped, it can still achieve a resolution of 19MP with its other spec boasting 61-point autofocus, dual Digic 6 processors and a sweet 3.2in 1m-dot LCD.

So what of the lens? Again, it breaks previous records achieving the widest-angle rectilinear zoom lens yet with its 11-24mm f/4 lens.

Canon have yet to reveal details of its pricing except that it will be launched in June so photographers may want to save up for its launch as it will no-doubt be pricey.

Severed thumb flash drive

Certainly the weirdest and goriest entry into this week’s round-up, a flash drive designed to look like a severed thumb is certainly a new take on attempting to make portable storage that bit more interesting.

Who exactly would want one is still up for debate, but from watching photographer Justin Poulsen’s video, you can only commend him on putting a lot of effort into making them as life-like as possible.

For now, the USB drives remain nothing but a promo for his work, and given how much attention it has garnered online, you’d have to think it was a pretty good idea.

It certainly gets a thumbs-up from this journalist… oh.

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Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic