Tinder Social released: when a party of two just won’t do

22 Jul 2016

Tinder has launched a new service called Tinder Social, allowing people to see what everyone is up to, and “upgrade your social life any night of the week”.

Far from just a hook-up app, Tinder is trying to branch out into every part of users’ night-life, with Tinder Social the next stage in the popular app’s evolution.

Essentially allowing users to plan their nights out better, Tinder Social lets people see who’s going out tonight, what they’re up to, and plan their night “easily and efficiently”.

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Tinder Social

It sounds much like what the more-popular Facebook app does already, with users ‘checking in’ and posting photos of their night out by-the-minute. Yet Tinder believes this market can be won over, following a successful soft launch in Australia earlier this year.

The app has been tweaked since the Australia pilot, with “changes to the feature to deliver a more real-time experience”.

“Upgrade your social life any night of the week,” said the company. “If you want to go out, invite friends to join your group, then swipe and match with other groups nearby who are also going out.”

Tinder social

Tinder Social also lets users message ‘matches’, removing spontaneity from the social calendar in one clean swipe.

With Tinder currently making over 26m matches a day on its regular app, its popularity is clear. It has more than 50m users in 196 countries, and has made more than 11bn connections.

For Tinder Social, users must first unlock it. Every friend who has unlocked it will be visible, as will you. Then you can open up a chat and invite people, or get invited by people, to nights out.

“Tinder has changed how people meet one-on-one,” said Sean Rad, Tinder’s CEO. “But we also meet new people by going out with our friends.

“With Tinder Social, I can say that I’m going out, what I’m looking to do and who I’m going out with. It lets you know what cool things people are doing and makes the evening much more interesting.”

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Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic