Tips on protecting yourself from phone theft

15 Sep 2011

The Apple iPhone 4

Following news this week that gardaí are focusing on thieves on bicycles who steal iPhones from people’s hands as they cycle past them, Carphone Warehouse is offering tips to consumers on how to protect themselves from having their phones stolen.

Stolen iPhones are sold for €100 to €150 to small shops which specialise in unlocking and repairing these devices. All data is wiped from the devices, making them impossible to trace back to the original owner.

Gardaí said they will patrol the worst-hit areas more heavily as a result of these crimes, such as the IFSC in Dublin.

The Carphone Warehouse’s tips on preventing phone theft are:

1.   Avoid using your phone on the street in full view. If you do have to use it, be discreet.

2.   Be wary of anyone following you. A report highlighted that it is women walking alone who are prime targets, especially at lunchtime and in the evenings.

3.   In the event your phone is stolen, contact your network provider as soon as possible so they can disconnect it and prevent any unauthorised calls or texts. You should also report the theft to police.

4.   Make sure you have your phone insured, that way if anything does happen, at least you won’t be out of pocket.

5.   Take note of the serial number of your phone, and keep it in a safe place so that if it is stolen, it can be tracked.

6.   Download the Find My iPhone app to your handset. The app will allow you to remotely locate your iPhone using the built-in GPS in the event the phone is lost or stolen.