TomTom iOS app update includes TomTom Places

11 Apr 2012

TomTom has updated its iPad and iPhone navigation app, which now includes Facebook and Twitter integration and the inclusion of TomTom Places for nine more countries, including Ireland.

The new version of TomTom’s navigation app now offers TomTom Places, which gives a navigation-based search option to let drivers find nearby shops and restaurants.

It’s based on TomTom’s database of 10m places and works for Ireland, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the Netherlands.

“For example, if you searched for ‘bread’ via a normal search engine, you’d be given recipes. However, search with TomTom Places, and you’ll find a variety of places in the local area where you can actually buy bread,” said Gerard Hinds, director of mobile at TomTom.

“So there’s no need to sift through all that irrelevant information when you’re trying to find a place to go,” he said.

The app also supports social networks as a source for turn-by-turn navigation. It automatically plans routes based on information from Facebook events or places. Drivers can also use the app to share their destinations and arrival times through Twitter, Facebook, email or text.

The TomTom navigation iPad and iPhone app update is free for existing customers. For new customers, the app costs €59.99.