TomTom shows its pearly whites

3 Jun 2009

One for the girls: TomTom is bringing out a special-edition TomTom One satnav device with a feminine side. The White Pearl, as the name suggests, has had a pearl inspired makeover, but also has some brand-new features on board.

The limited edition TomTom satnav has a white frame decorated with a pearlised swirl pattern and comes with a cutesy silk drawstring bag for storage to ensure a scratch-free existence.

But aside from the new design, the difference between the White Pearl (pictured) and the current TomTom One IQ Routes satnav are the new ‘Points of Interest’ on board.

While these are stereotypically girly – ‘Places To Be Seen’ and ‘Shop Til you Drop’ – marking restaurants, bars, cafes, cinemas and theatres, it will come in quite useful for the average person, whether you’re a Cosmo-sipping lady who lunches or not.

The design is certainly feminine, but understated enough to appeal to most women.

The White Pearl also comes with ‘Help Me!’ safety features including emergency numbers, and a ‘Where Am I?’ function should your car break down.

The TomTom White Pearl is available in June 2009 from selected retailers nationwide at a suggested retail price of €199.99. It includes maps of 42 European countries.

By Marie Boran