Toshiba has its eye on glasses-free 3D TV

5 Jan 2011

Toshiba aims to sell the world’s first large-sized 3D TVs whereby the viewer does not need to wear special glasses, it has announced at CES.

While revealing the future of 3D at CES, the company yesterday showed off prototypes of large-screen LCD TVs – in 65-inch and 56-inch models – that deliver full 3D without the need for dedicated glasses.

Such TVs made by Toshiba are already available in Japan and employ an integral imaging system and perpendicular lenticular sheet to display smooth, natural images, while a wide viewing angle is secured by Toshiba’s proprietary image processing technology that creates nine parallax images from the original content and then converts them to 3D, according to the company.

Toyko-based Toshiba says the overall result is a precise rendering of high-quality 3D images throughout the viewing zone.

From April 2011, Toshiba is aiming to make available 40-inch screens and larger that do not require 3D-TV glasses.

Speaking in Las Vegas to an audience eagerly waiting to lap up the latest tech trends, Toshiba vice-president Atsushi Murasawa said the sets will be introduced firstly in Japan, North America and Europe.

Carmel Doyle was a long-time reporter with Silicon Republic