Toyota reveals futuristic concept car inspired by smartphones

29 Nov 2011

Toyota will show a new concept car with smartphone sensibilities at the 42nd Tokyo Motor Show 2011. The Fun-Vii lets users digitally change the design of the car and connect with other drivers on the move.

According to Toyota, the vehicle is a concept for the ‘not-too-distant future,’ showing how cars could evolve to help people stay connected.

The Toyota Fun-Vii lets users display content on the outer body and interior of the vehicle as easily as users download an app on their smartphones. For example, users can change the colour or can display information on the body of the vehicle by downloading it to the car.

It has a “navigation concierge” which can speak to passengers, giving them guidance and traffic information.

The concept car can link to nearby vehicles and infrastructure to detect hazards in advance or to connect with friends nearby.

Some of the Fun-Vii’s functions can be operated remotely through a smartphone.

The Fun-Vii also includes a network function to update the software for the car’s control and multimedia system.

The concept car will be on display on Wednesday at the this year’s Tokyo Motor Show.

Toyota Fun-Vii interior

Image by Autoblog