Training and grants for digital media entrepreneurs

13 May 2004

Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art Design & Technology (IADT) has unveiled a new NDP funded Digital Media Enterprise Platform Programme called “create”, to provide digital media entrepreneurs with training, grants and incubation facilities.

The institute is currently recruiting entrepreneurs for the first round. Create is aimed at providing enterprises in the digital media sector with a platform to grow and develop into sustainable businesses.

The programme includes a scholarship with the possibility of 50pc certified salary. The formal 12 month training programme covers all basic business and management skills relevant to planning, starting up and running a new venture.

The incubation facilities will be initially located in the Digital Depot but these will be moved subsequently to a digital media incubation centre. The scheme also has a forum for participants to receive general and specialist business advice support, as well as networking opportunities.

The initiative is backed by several partners in the digital media sector: IADT, Media Lab Europe, the Digital Hub, Enterprise Ireland, Bank of Ireland, Irish Management Institute, University of Wales, Bangor. Places on the create programme are limited. More information is available from:

By Gordon Smith