Twitter hits 5 billionth tweet

20 Oct 2009

“Oh lord.”

Those two words reportedly make up Twitter‘s 5 billionth tweet, posted by Robin Sloan of San Francisco, California, on Monday, 19 October.

Sloan, a former Current Media executive, was replying to another user, and a third-party app, Gigatweet, which has been measuring the microblogging site’s tweet count for awhile, clocked his reply as the 5 billionth posting. 

Sloan has dubbed his milestone tweet “The Pentagigatweet.” It contains the number 5,000,000,000 in the URL, which is apparently the running count of tweets that have posted up until that point.

Photo: Gigatweet, showing the number of tweets on Twitter have surpassed the 5-billion mark.