Twitter launches official iPad app

2 Sep 2010

Twitter has released an official app for the iPad, that includes numerous built-in features.

One such feature is ‘panes,’ where, if a user taps on a specific tweet, it opens a pane to the right, containing a video, photo, news story or another Tweet, depending on its content.

The user can continue opening new panes and move between panes by swiping to the right or left.

It also allows you to play a video inline. The panes let the user look through their timeline while a video is loading and lets them swipe back to the video when it’s ready.

It contains other touch features, such as when a user puts two fingers together and pushes down on a Tweet, they can see the entire conversation which led to that Tweet.

Pinching a Tweet allows the user to quickly view details on the author and from there, they can reply to it or retweet it.

Twitter also says it isn’t necessary to sign up in order to use the app. The app is free and is available now.