Twitter posts on the Celtic Tiger years – have your say!

29 Nov 2011

Dawning of the day in Dublin City

Feel like having a laugh this Tuesday? Well check out this Twitter stream #stuffwelikedwhenitwastheceltictiger that is getting lots of online footfall at the minute.

The Twitter page is a playful look at the kind of things we liked to do during the supposed Celtic Tiger years. Here’s a flavour of the likes of what people are posting:

gavreilly Gavan Reilly

Buying Battersea Power Station and all of London’s five-star hotels for the craic, like #stuffwelikedwhenitwasthecelticTiger

neilleyden Neil Leyden

Buying an apartment in Bulgaria because the taxi driver said it was good to diversify assets #StuffWeLikedWhenItWasTheCelticTiger

rosiedavison Rosanna Davison

The positivity and optimism! RT @NiamhHoran: @rosiedavison Go on you have to tweet it!! 😉 lol x

Nialler67 Niall Curneen

Going out for 3 or 4 on a Friday evening. Now it’s only 3 or 4 pints rather than days. #stuffwelikedwhenitwastheceltictiger

LiosaHorgan Líosa Horgan

Driving 4x4s and paying a grand in tax #stuffwelikedwhenitwastheceltictiger

RossOCK Ross O’Carroll-Kelly

Not buying salt and vinegar crisps unless they were, “Sea Salt and West Country Cider Vinegar Crisps.”


AJParish Andrew Parish

The phrase ” ah no, it’s on me!” #stuffwelikedwhenitwastheceltictiger

KimBielenberg Kim Bielenberg

Shelling out €10 for a breath of air at the “oxygen bar” in Brown Thomas – it really existed #stuffwelikedwhenitwastheceltictiger

anthonymurnane anthony murnane

Queuing overnight to spend imaginary money on overpriced houses in landlocked counties hours from work #stuffwelikedwhenitwastheceltictiger

Pawelmorski P M

#stuffwelikedwhenitwastheceltictiger Polish estate agents knew what “craic” meant

Claredaisy Claredaisy

Having an aupair and a third car just for her #stuffwelikedwhenitwastheceltictiger

barryhughes barryhughes

Ciabattas, Brie, Parma ham. And once all three together. Once. #stuffwelikedwhenitwastheceltictiger

abkp27 Alan Kelly

Nipping, as in nipping into bt’s, f & b, Marbella, Paris for the races, new York for shopping etc #stuffwelikedwhenitwastheceltictiger

If you want to have your say, head to the Twiitersphere …

Carmel Doyle was a long-time reporter with Silicon Republic