UFC 2009 Undisputed lets rip with Havok Cloth

27 May 2009

Dublin-based Havok, whose gaming technology was used in best-selling game titles including X-Men Origins Wolverine and Assassin’s Creed, will have a video game debut of one of its latest products, Havok Cloth, with the hotly anticipated UFC 2009 Undisputed.

Game developer’s THQ has mixed exciting ultimate fighting action with the realistic look and movement of not only the fabric worn by the fighters, but also environmental material (I wonder if this means the ground under the fighters will dent accordingly when someone is pounded into a pulp?).

As gaming become increasingly realistic, the Cloth product is an important step forward for Havok: ““In our 10-year history, Havok Cloth has become our biggest selling product,” said David O’Meara, managing director of Havok.

“After launching Havok Cloth in 2008, we’ve seen game developers rapidly integrating the technology into new game titles.

“Our technology gives artists and game developers greater control over the design process, making hair, character clothing and environmental cloth move in a realistic way.”

Expect realistic visual effects and gameplay as a result, and as part of the THQ agreement, the games company has decided to use Havok’s industry leading physics engines and animation tools to develop several upcoming cross-platform titles.

By Marie Boran