Up to 33pc of toddlers using smartphones, survey shows

7 Aug 2011

Meet iBaby: Toddlers are learning how to use smartphones before learning how to use the toilet, a recent survey suggests.

Twenty per cent of children of Gen X moms (women born between 1965-1980) and 33pc of children of Gen Y moms (women born after 1980) have used a smartphone by age 2, a survey by BlogHer.com and the Parenting Group revealed.

The survey of 1,038 moms also found that by age 4, 32pc of kids used a smartphone, 34pc used a mobile phone of some kind, 36pc used a video game system, 34pc used a handheld gaming device, and 25pc had a go at an iPod.

Gen Y has been considered the first generation to be “always connected”, so it should come as no surprise that generally children of Gen Y moms would have been exposed to technology at an earlier age, according to Ad Age, which published the survey findings.

Now if you’re wondering just who those toddlers are calling or texting on those smartphones: Odds are the moms are using the smartphones to entertain their young ones, such as letting them play games or watch videos on the devices.

Photo: The iPhone 4 smartphone