Use of mobile boarding passes increase

3 Mar 2010

An increasing number of travellers are opting to have an electronic boarding pass sent to them on their mobile phones, marking a 1,200pc year-over-year increase, Trinity Mobile has reported.

Trinity Mobile, one of the leading companies behind the mobile ticketing push, has announced the increase with their mobile boarding pass offerings.

In 2009, Trinity Mobile saw 600,000 user opt in to receive mobile boarding passes, an increase from 50,000 people choosing the option the year before. The number of people using paper boarding passes is still high, according to Trinity Mobile, but the growth in mobile boarding passes can be attributed to the fact that travellers are choosing that option when it is offered to them, minus any marketing push.

Figures by Jupiter Research echo this increase. In the firm’s ‘2010 Mobile Ticketing’ report, more than 2 billion boarding passes will be fired off in 2010, with that number expected to reach 15 billion people by 2014.

Mobile boarding passes are made to be easy to use: security scans the QR code right off of a handset’s display.

Photo: The number of people choosing to use mobile boarding passes is forecast to reach 15 billion by 2014, a report by Jupiter Research has revealed