Valve finally reveals prices of its 15 Steam Machines … and they’re not cheap

6 Mar 2015

The Falcon Northwest Tiki Steam Machine. Image via Valve

With more than a year of speculation behind it, Valve has finally revealed details of the pricing for its 15 different Steam Machines consoles, with prices ranging from US$460 to US$5,000.

It has been a busy week for Valve, having just presented a number of new developments, including its VR headset in partnership with Vibe, and the release of its Source 2 game engine for free, but now the company has revealed how much all of its various consoles are going to cost the consumer.

Compared with Sony or Microsoft, Valve has gone about the development of its console in a totally different way, effectively offering its Steam platform to PC hardware developers to create their own consoles to suit various niches of the gaming community.

However, some are bound to balk at the prices on offer when the devices are released in November this year.

Supposedly targeting console gamers who may wish to make an easy transition to PC gaming, the consoles come in a variety of different spec and prices. The cheapest on offer comes from the iBuyPower SBX, which starts at US$459.99 for a console with an ATI Radeon R7 250X 1GB GDDR5 GPU, 4GB of RAM and a 500GB hard drive.

Meanwhile, the Falcon Northwest Tiki Steam Machine, starting at US$1,999.99 packs in an NVIDIA Geforce GTX 900 series, including Titan and Titan-Z class GPU, as much as 16GB of RAM and up to 8TB of hard drive space, all of which is at the higher price of US$4,999.99.

So feast your eyes on the weird, wonderful and beautiful (and expensive) Steam Machines.

Alienware Steam Machine


Price: Starting at US$479.99

Alternate Steam Machine


Price: Between US$1,099.99 and US$1,999.99



Price: Starting at US$699.99

Digital Storm Eclipse Steam Machine


Price: US$699.99

Falcon Northwest Tiki Steam Machine


Price: Between US$1,999.99 and US$4,999.99

Gigabyte BRIX Pro


Price: US$599.99

iBuyPower SBX


Price: Starting at US$459.99

Maingear DRIFT


Price: Starting at US$849.99 Steam Machine


Price: US$899.99



Price: Between US$799.99 and US$1,299.99

ORIGIN OMEGA Steam Machine


Price: Between US$899.99 and US$1,299.99

Scan 3XS ST Steam Machine


Price: Between US$999.99 and US$1,299.99

Syber Steam Machine


Price: Between US$499.99 and US$1,399.99

Webhallen S15-01


Price: US$949.99

ZOTAC Steam Machine SN970


Price: US$999.99

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic