Vertical videos no longer an issue on Android?

22 Jul 2015

YouTube has developed a fix for vertical video hatred syndrome, with Android users soon to feel the benefits of blanket, full-screen viewing.

I don’t care for vertically shot videos on YouTube, but it never annoyed me enough to complain about it. I’m more… meh about it. But that relaxed attitude seems to put me in the marked minority on this.

So, for those of you more vexed by this minor issue, YouTube is sorting you out.

An upcoming update for the Android client will fix it so that vertically-shot videos can be viewed in full screen on smartphones.

Spotted by Android Police, it’s part of YouTube’s 10.28 upgrade — which you can grab from APK Mirror.

This means far less wasted black space, far larger video visuals and far fewer reasons to whinge. This video should showcase pretty much what’s written above, so enjoy.

Vertical videos

“As of the latest version, you will get the vertical video in true full screen with a vertical orientation on your device,” explained Android Police.

Oddly, a Reddit thread discussed this very topic only a matter of hours ago, which makes me wonder, what else can Redditors fix?

Main image via Shutterstock, above image via Android Police.

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic