Vodafone Ireland releasing N97 Mini?

18 Jun 2009

Does Vodafone know something we don’t? A forum posting by an official moderator told members that a pared-down Nokia N97 – the N97 Mini – was launching later this year.

Following a discussion by Vodafone forum members over what smartphones were on the cards for release this year, an official moderator known as EV said that Vodafone Ireland would not be getting the N97 (pictured), but instead is waiting for the mysterious N97 Mini.

“Vodafone Ireland will not be launching the N97 but will be launching the N97 Mini later this year. Due to the N97 Mini’s competitive pricing, we feel that it will appeal to a wider segment of consumers,” he stated.

In the meantime, the post was removed by Vodafone with the statement: “Some information posted here yesterday has been removed. We are not in a position to discuss the N97 at this point. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and will update you in due course.”

So, no confirmation but no denial of the N97 Mini. However, moderator EV also indicated that Vodafone Ireland would not be getting the Palm Pre in 2009 but that it would have the BlackBerry Storm 2 later this year. These comments were also removed.

By Marie Boran