Walkman reborn with new Sony Ericsson handsets

22 Jul 2008

Three is the magic number: to celebrate three years of the Sony Ericsson Walkman phone the company has brought out three brand new handsets that promise a high-quality sound experience.

These music-centric phones are being touted as producing superior sound experience in comparison to other handsets on the market and, in fairness, Sony Ericsson has been adding features like TrackID to the Walkman phone over the years, which gives it an edge.

Like previous Walkman models, the W902, W595 and W302 all feature Sony’s patented TrackID, which lets you identify any track you’re playing on the in-built FM radio or music playing in the background, so you can SMS yourself or a friend with the name of the song and artist.

The W902 is pushing clear stereo, clear bass and a premium headphones experience, but also its great video playback capabilities, so you don’t have to choose between good audio or good video.

It has the same sound quality as the forthcoming W980, which Sony said was labelled ‘Best audio experience’ by firm TESTfactory in Germany.

With its black exterior and large, high-gloss screen, the W902 has the looks but also some great features including a 5-megapixel camera and in-built radio and SenseMe – a tempo and mood detector for customised playback – all features the iPhone 3G cannot compete with just yet.

The W902 comes with an 8GB memory stick to store over 8,000 songs, while the W595 comes with 2GB. The W302 has 512MB, making it slim enough to fit in your pocket, but it does not store much music.

These models are not yet available in Ireland but are scheduled for release some time later this year.

By Marie Boran

Pictured:The new W902 Walkman phone from Sony Ericsson