Watch: First look at the new Apple TV (video)

10 Sep 2015

Part of Apple’s suite of releases, the new Apple TV comes with, we’re told, a whole new emphasis.

Content has evolved faster than the devices on which we watch it, according to Apple. In response, the new Apple TV has been released.

A kind of a hybrid, it works along with Siri, whose role has grown to its largest yet. Its own OS is visible in the video, with Silicon Republic editor John Kennedy on hand to check out all the new bells and whistles.

There’s a new remote control, highlighting Apple’s shift towards gaming, as well as its goal to become content creator and provider, all in one.

“More great content is being created for TV than ever before, it really is the golden age for television. But TV itself hasn’t changed,” lamented Apple CEO Tim Cook, prior to the unveiling.

Major content players like Netflix and Hulu have already developed apps that work with Siri for Apple TV, and many more will follow.

“We have redesigned all of our apps, music and TV and even brought Apple Music to the big screen with over 30m songs and radio stations including Beats 1,” said Apple internet chief Eddy Cue.

“The future of TV is apps. Apps themselves have changed and what we expect from and do from iPhone and iPads is what we should expect from apps on TV.”

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic