Watch out, Apple stores to install safes for latest launch

2 Feb 2015

Apple is set to change its selling process with the upcoming launch of the Apple Watch, with an in-store safe, weighing scales for gold and new uniforms planned.

The watch is one of the most anticipated product launches in recent years, with every stage of it’s creation generating interest from Apple’s hardcore following.

However news that an entirely new store set-up will be undertaken to carry and sell the devices is a bit weird.

According to the ever-reliable 9 to 5 Mac, Apple will be replicating a jewellery store with some of its changes, the weirdest of all surely a custom designed safe with in-built chargers to store gold watches, keeping them charged ahead of any potential sales.

The price is right?

This all adds further credence to the anticipation of a fairly high price point, with the gold edition watches the subject of further special treatment.

Should you buy a gold edition watch and feel the need to return it, Apple’s new scales will make sure “no gold is removed from the units prior to replacement/return as the gold material is worth a substantial amount of money on secondary markets.”

From today, Apple Stores will start changing in-store uniforms, too. Although what blue t-shirts have to do with watches starting from US$349 (for the standardversions) I’m not sure of.

Apple uniforms
The reported new uniforms for Apple Store staff, via 9-to-5-mac

There have even been reports of the 18-carat gold versions costing several thousands of dollars, with plenty already spotted in the wild.


Store safe image via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic