Weekend news roundup

8 Mar 2010

A quick glance at some of the technology stories breaking in the weekend papers.

Talks are on over which mobile network will carry iPad

The Sunday Times reported that executives will jet into Britain this week for crunch talks with mobile-phone companies over which network will sign up its iPad tablet computer. The gadget giant said last week that its new device will go on sale in America from April 3 and come to Britain later in the month. However, unlike in 2007 when O2 was selected as the network for its iPhone, Apple is not expected to choose a single provider this time. Even so, because of the buzz and data revenues that Apple’s popular devices generate, Vodafone, Orange and O2 — all of which now carry the iPhone — are particularly anxious not to be left behind.

Ex-president agreed to step down after investigation, Fujitsu Ltd says

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, Fujitsu Ltd said its former president agreed to step down last year after an internal investigation found he was indirectly linked to a company with what was considered an “unfavourable reputation,” correcting its earlier explanation that he resigned due to illness. Fujitsu issued a statement Saturday after a lawyer for Kuniaki Nozoe, who served as the company’s president for 15 months, said Nozoe was “rescinding” his 25 September resignation on the grounds that other Fujitsu executives demanded he step down alleging that he had ties to organised crime.

Juggling stardom and the Leaving Cert

Internet country music superstars simply shouldn’t have to worry about sitting their Leaving Cert, the Irish Independent reported on Saturday, but that’s the headache now facing an 18-year-old boy whose family group, Crystal Swing, has become an overnight internet sensation thanks to a tidal wave of hype generated by bloggers. Their song He Drinks Tequila is a hit on YouTube, with more than 160,000 views since the song went up a fortnight ago. Musical mum Mary Murray-Burke and her children Derek (18) and Dervla (17) soared from relative obscurity in their home village of Lisgoold in East Cork to the point where Newstalk and RTE are now fighting over their next appearance. It is now confirmed that Crystal Swing will feature on The Late Late Show next Friday. Until recently, the family group was only playing private functions like socials, weddings and club events.

Xeretec nears 3DXerox acquisition

An Irish technology company is close to being acquired by UK firm Xeretec, the Sunday Business Post reported. The takeover of 3DXerox by British firm Xeretec is being finalised this week. The two sides have been in talks for a number of weeks in relation to the deal, and agreement is almost complete. 3DXerox,which is based in Santry, north Dublin, is incorporated as Digital Documents Direct. It is owned by businessman Cliff Barnes, who will be the beneficiary of the buyout. It is one of the largest resellers of office products in the Irish market and distributes a range of office equipment, such as photocopiers and printers.

By John Kennedy

Photo: The Apple iPad tablet. Talks are on between executives and mobile-phone companies over which network will sign up the tablet computer

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years