Weeks before going on sale the first Apple Watch apps are sneaking out

27 Mar 2015

In the build up to the release of Apple Watches into the wild, we’re going to discover some pretty big clues as to what to expect. With that, here are some apps already available.

Essentially current apps are updating in the App Store at the moment, with Apple Watch-supported upgrades appearing from Tuesday.

So apps including the New York Times, WeChat, Twitter, Dark Sky, the Wall Street Journal and Sky Guide now seem poised for the launch.

9to5 Mac suggests that the apps made visible now, ahead of the full suite which will be launched in tandem with the device, are a select group “being promoted alongside the Apple Watch.”

The apps are there to be downloaded (or updated) now, and wil be available on your Apple Watch once you’ve synced your iPhone up to it.

An iOS 8.2 rollout will be rolled out ahead of the Apple Watch launch, which will portray the full app environment, but for now these will snippets will have to satisfy your thirst.

The apps currently lining up for Apple Watch functionality, thanks to 9to5mac, are: Air Canada, AliPay, Babbel, Dark Sky, ECB Cricket, Evernote, Expedia, Kitchen Stories, Line, MLB.com At Bat, Procreate Pocket, Qantas Airways, Redfin, Runtastic Six Pack, Sky Guide, SPG: Starwood Hotels and Resorts, The New York Times, Target, Things, TransitApp, The Wall Street Journal, Twitter, WeChat, Yahoo Tourney Pick’Em.

Apple watch, via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic