What is the best-selling phone ever? (infographic)

11 Sep 2015

Think back over the last 20 years: What phone do you think outsold all others? If you thought the iPhone, you are way off.

Back in the day, owning a mobile phone was not a yearly thing. We weren’t at an evolutionary stage whereby social pressures forced us to upgrade annually.

“Have you the new Nokia?” was asked, regularly, but the reponse was often “Nope, 3210 for me!”

That is, unless a new variant of Snake came out. I can’t remember which model it was, but the Nokia with the disco lights down the side was an absolute gem.

Best-selling phones

I remember flip phones being an integral aspect of technological advancement. And WAP, that dreadfully slow dial-up to an internet I had no interest in.

But down the years, through the Motorolas, Sony Ericssons, Nokias, Galaxys and iPhones, what truly caught our eye?

This infographic from Tiger Mobile reveals all, which you can click to view in a larger format.

(Oh, we’re pretty sure the makers made a mistake on the sales of a certain Samsung device, see if you can spot it)

Best-selling phone

Main image via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic