White iPhone 4 finally launching at the end of April?

14 Apr 2011

Apple will release the long-delayed white iPhone 4 in the next few weeks, reports say.

According to Bloomberg, three people with knowledge of the launch plans stated that the white iPhone 4 will be available at the end of April.

The white iPhone has been delayed for almost a year, due to issues such as peeling paint under heat and issues with the camera.

The delay might have worked in Apple’s favour, as there is now a huge demand for the white iPhone.

It could also help Apple maintain momentum with the iPhone 4, as it’s looking likely the iPhone 5 will be delayed until September, as opposed to an announcement in June, which had been Apple’s previous practice.

iPhone manufacturers stated they had not received notice for the next iPhone 5, due to the strength of iPhone 4 shipment volumes. Bloomberg’s sources also suggested this was the case.