Wii drowns competition in gaming BAFTAs

24 Oct 2007

Nintendo’s best selling Wii Sports game walked off with six prestigious BAFTA awards last night at the British Academy Video Games Awards.

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) had nominated the Wii game for a staggering seven awards this year: best game, casual, gameplay, innovation, multiplayer, sports and strategy and simulation, of which it won all but best game.

Wii Sports allows players to take part in sporting events and compete with friends using the Wii remote as a golf club, tennis racquet or bowling ball.

The PlayStation 3 failed to bag a single prize while its older sister console, the PlayStaion 2, won two awards: artistic achievement and original score.

The Video Game BAFTAs have now been running for ten years, GoldenEye 007 and Gran Turisimo being among the first ever winners.

All the award recipients are decided upon by a games committee including top dogs from Sky and Eidos save for the PC World gamers award which is picked by members of the public and this year went to Football Manager 2007.

The covetted award for best game went to Bioshock which beat not only Wii Sports but Gears of War and Guitar Hero II.

BioShock is ‘the most acclaimed game of the year’ according to Silicon Republic games reviewer Joe Griffin and his review urges: “If you only play one game this year in which you get to fire hornets from your veins, make it Bioshock.”

By Marie Boran