Will the iPhone 5 actually be an iPhone 4S?

3 Oct 2011

The iPhone rumour mill has gone into overdrive prior to tomorrow’s reveal of the anticipated new device, with reports suggesting the iPhone 5 may actually be called the iPhone 4S.

AppleInsider reports that the Info.plist file within the latest iTunes 10.5 beta released last Friday contains references to an iPhone 4S. The display icons, which depict the black and white iPhone 4S, look identical to the current iPhone 4 models.

Additionally, MacRumors reports that Vodafone’s German website is also listing iPhone 4S devices, which are available in black and white. Their storage spaces range from 16GB to 64GB.

The German Vodafone site also includes an 8GB iPhone 4, which aligns with previous rumours that there could be a budget iPhone launched to compete with mid-range Android smartphones.

This matches 9to5Mac’s source’s claims that the next generation iPhone will come in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB models, along with an iPhone 4 with smaller storage space for the budget smartphone market.

It’s uncertain if these lists are just placeholders or a leak of what the next iPhone will be like. The iPhone 4S name suggests that tomorrow’s iPhone could be just an upgrade from the last iPhone 4, as opposed to a major redesign.

However, other reports seem to suggest that the iPhone 5 may make an appearance yet, as US network AT&T has listed iPhone 5 Case-Mate covers in its inventory, which previously showed renders of a case which would fit a thinner iPhone model.

Of course, nothing will be certain until Apple reveals the next iPhone tomorrow. But it does raise questions – will tomorrow’s unveiling be of an iPhone 5 or an iPhone 4S? Or is the iPhone 4S the name of a budget iPhone 4?