Windows 7 launched to IT professionals

7 Aug 2009

Having passed the release candidate (RC) stage, the release to market (RTM) version of Windows 7 is now available for IT professionals within the Microsoft network.

Versions of Windows 7 for download for members of MSDN and TechNet sites no longer carry the RC label and are essentially the finished product that consumers will be seeing as of 22 October.

Those holding an MSDN subscription can get the English-language RTM of Windows 7 while other language version will be made available from 1 October.

Yochay Kiriaty said on the official Windows Blog: “Make sure you get them all today to start testing your applications, and to make sure your applications are ready for Windows 7 RTM.

“Now is the time to work on your applications to make sure they are Windows 7 compatible.”

He added that new Windows 7 features including the Sensor and Location Platform, Taskbar, Libraries, Multi-Touch, the new Graphics APIs and the Windows Ribbon are now ready for developers to integrate into applications.

The Windows 7 Training Kit for Developers has been updated to help with this and is for both native Win32 C++ developers and .NET developers.