Windows Phone Marketplace coming to the web

26 May 2011

Microsoft is launching a web version of the Windows Phone Marketplace, letting users buy apps on the web and send them to their Windows Phone 7 devices.

The new web version of the Marketplace will coincide with the launch of the Mango update of Windows Phone 7, set to arrive this autumn.

Similar to the Windows Phone Marketplace on their smartphones, users can browse through the catalogue of apps and games on their PC web browsers. They can read details and reviews of each app and can also share apps through email, Facebook and Twitter.

Apps can be bought using a credit card linked to a Windows Live ID or users can assign a new credit card, if they wish.

When selected, apps will be automatically downloaded over the air to the user’s Windows Phone device or can be installed later.

A download history will also be available on the Marketplace to allow users to re-install apps.

The store will have parental controls, letting parents ensure their children can only access apps that are appropriate for them. Parents can also restrict their kids from downloading paid apps.