Wireless firm opts for wires

9 Jan 2007

Wireless internet provider Irish Broadband has moved into the ADSL fixed-line market in order to catch customers who fall outside of its wireless network coverage area.

The company has entered into an agreement with Eircom to resell the incumbent’s bitstream DSL product. However, a spokesperson suggested that the company may look at unbundling exchanges in the future.

The company will resell five DSL broadband packages, including: 1MB DSL Home Start for €21.95 a month (including Vat); 2MB DSL Home Plus for €28.95 a month; 3MB DSL Business Start for €39.95; DSL Business Plus for €86.95 a month; and 5MB DSL Business Pro for €169.95 a month.

“It makes sense for us to move into the fixed-line broadband space where we can provide broadband outside of the areas covered by our own proprietary network,” said Irish Broadband chief executive Neil Parkinson.

“The move, significantly, positions us to compete even more strongly with all other broadband operators to reach more potential customers via an expanded offering.”

In keeping with Eircom’s network coverage, Irish Broadband will offer DSL services to 75pc of Irish phone lines capable of handling broadband.

“We can now meet the needs of more of the Irish population by offering widespread fixed-line broadband services in addition to our ever expanding wireless network,” said Parkinson.

“This will give us the same fixed network reach as any other operator in the State which, together with our own wireless network, gives us the most comprehensive high-quality broadband offering in the country.”

By John Kennedy