Women more likely to heed sat navs than men – survey

29 Mar 2011

Women are more likely than men to follow directions provided by satellite navigation (sat nav) systems, a survey by insurance retailer Swinton suggests.

Some 83pc of male drivers regularly ignore directions from their sat navs, while less than 75pc of women shun the devices’ directions.

The survey also revealed that UK drivers find sat navs “untrustworthy” and “inaccurate”.

More than one-third of drivers said their sat nav had led them astray between one and five miles (1.6-8 kilometres), and more than 50pc said directions provided by GPS had sparked an argument with a passenger.

Of 3,000 motorists surveyed, some are aware of a potential unexpected detour resulting from sat nav directions, and keep route maps in their vehicles “just in case.”

“A sat nav should aid your own navigational abilities rather than replace them,” Steve Chelton, insurance development manager at Swinton, told Reuters.