Women now value their smartphones over make-up

30 Aug 2011

One in three smartphone users in Ireland say their handset is more important than their TV set. And 19pc of Irish women now consider their smartphone to be more important than their make-up bag.

A survey by Three Ireland found that 53pc of mobile say internet services are the key decider when switching networks.

The reveals that despite a growing preference for smartphone handsets in Ireland, Irish prepay customers are still predominantly using their phones to send text messages over talking or using the internet – with 69pc of people using their mobile for texting and 53pc using their phone to browse the internet. Prepay users in Dublin are most likely to have a smartphone.

The survey found that price is an important consideration for Irish prepay users with an average customer spending between €20 and €30 per month on their mobile top-up and one in three (36pc) saying they spent €80 – €120 on their last mobile phone.

Around 13pc of smartphone users on Prepay keep a close eye on their data usage, however 62pc have no idea how much data they use, so exposing themselves to bill shock on the old networks without ‘All you can eat’ data.

The survey follows the launch of Three’s exclusive ‘All you can eat’ data plan on Prepay.

“Today’s survey results highlight the rise in smartphone popularity, with one in three people saying their smartphone is more important than their TV,” Elaine Carey, sales and marketing director at Three explained.

“Our research shows the internet offering is now the most important consideration for consumers deciding to switch networks, above even the choice of handset.”

The survey found that:

·         The internet offering at 53pc is ranked as more important than network coverage at 37pc, and the handset choice at 33pc.

·         The survey also reveals high levels of smartphone penetration in Ireland: –

·         45pc of Prepay users own a smartphone.

·         Over one in three (38pc) say their smartphone is more important than their TV

·         19pc (50pc of women) say their smartphone is more important than their make-up bag!

·         56pc of respondents have downloaded more than 20 apps to their handset

·         89pc of prepay smartphone users have downloaded the Facebook app.

·         66pc of users would switch network providers for more free calls, texts or data.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years