World’s fastest-charging electric car arrives

19 Feb 2009

The REVA L-ion is the newest arrival from the Reva electric car company, and is the world’s fastest-charging electric car, charging for a 120km trip in one hour!

The REVA L-ion is the latest version of the current best-selling REVAi city car, and after two years of testing, top engineers have designed a car that has a range of 120km after 60 minutes of charging.

According to GreenAer, Ireland’s REVA distributor, the car is the ideal mode of transport for those of us driving to Dublin from commuter towns such as Gorey, Portlaoise or Tullamore, and for a roundtrip, a quick recharge is all that is needed and you’re ready to go again.

New, improved features of the L-ion include an increased range, faster acceleration (maximum speed of 80km per hour), shorter charging time, less energy consumption, improved cold-weather performance, maintenance-free battery operation and a longer operating life.

What will really encourage the electric city car to take off is the introduction of new fast-charge stations: GreenAer have these for purchase or lease.

Both the car and the fast-charge stations can be pre-ordered now, with first deliveries beginning in May 2009.

“The introduction of fast-charge stations really opens up the market to reach new customers who previously could not have gone electric because of range restrictions and charge times,” said Olivier Vander Elst, director of GreenAer.

“Local authorities and businesses can now create the charging and parking infrastructure necessary to make zero-emission personal transport widely accepted.”

By Marie Boran