Xbox 360 follows Sony’s lead and cuts Elite prices

27 Aug 2009

Microsoft has followed Sony’s lead in cutting the price of its PlayStation 3 and has cut the price of its high-end Xbox 360 gaming console by €100, bringing the 120GB model down to €249.99.


The price cut will bring the Elite console into a lower consumer price range in preparation for the 2010 release of Microsoft’s ground breaking Project Natal 3D interactive gaming experience which will work in conjunction with the Xbox 360.

Meanwhile the Xbox 360 Arcade version geared at family gaming is priced at €199 while the Xbox 360 Pro with a 60GB hard drive will soon be phased out.

Added to this Microsoft will be introducing Sky Player, Sky’s Online TV service, to bring live TV to the console as well as adding, Twitter and Facebook for music discovery and social networking abilities.

“With the Christmas season right around the corner, it’s another opportunity to put the consumer centre stage with entertainment and games that everyone will enjoy,” said Sarah Devitt, marketing manager, Entertainment and Devices Division, Microsoft Ireland.

“We have a goal over the next 18 months to deliver value with amazing content and rich interactive experiences in the living room.”

By Marie Boran

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years