XP1300 CORE is latest ‘rugged’ phone from Sonim

7 Oct 2010

Sonim Technologies unveiled the new Sonim XP1300 CORE mobile phone, a durable handset which can be submerged under 2 metres of water.

The latest in a line of “rugged” phones, it’s an IP-68 rated GSM handset that comes with a 2-inch, high-res and scratch-resistant display.

The XP1300 CORE also has a noise-cancelling microphone, designed to give outdoor workers a tough phone that endures harsh conditions.

“The XP1300 CORE, our first product built on our fourth-generation rugged platform, raises the toughness stakes once again,” said Bob Plaschke, CEO of Sonim Technologies. 

“It’ll be the No 1 choice for construction crews, farmers, dock workers and others in tough work environments.”

The Sonim XP1300 CORE is dust resistant and can withstand difficult conditions, meeting US MIL-810G certification for salt, fog, humidity, transport shock and thermal shock.

The phone can withstand temperatures ranging from -20C to 55C, and offers 18 hours of talk time.

The Sonim XP1300 CORE will be available worldwide at the beginning of November.